A.L.I. Technologies Inc. (hereinafter: The Company) as a company with social responsibilities, wishes to obtain the trust of customers and society by taking decisive and advanced measures against information leakage, and has therefore formulated this Information Security Policy.
Moving forward, we will maintain information security by complying with this “Information Security Policy” and the separate “Privacy Policy for the Protection of Personal Information” (Privacy Policy) and protecting and properly handling information assets from various threats.

Building an information security management system

The Company strives to protect all information assets owned by the Company and adheres to information security laws and regulations, other norms, contracts, and other requirements, so that strict information security management is ensured to retain the trust of society.

Assignment of “Information Security Manager”

An Information Security Management Manager will be appointed, enabling The Company to accurately grasp the state of information security throughout the company and take proactive measures so that necessary actions can be implemented promptly.

Establishment of internal rules regarding information security

The Company will develop rules based on the information security policy, and will show clear policies not only for personal information, but also for information assets in general, and strict measures will be taken to prevent information leakage both inside and outside of the company.

Improvement and enhancement of audit system

The Company regularly conducts audits on the management and operation of information security and rules, etc., and continuously monitors that information security policies are thoroughly communicated and that information assets are properly managed.

Protection of information assets

The Company will continue to manage information security appropriately in accordance with laws, regulations and other rules, as well as all our information security policies, in order to protect our information assets and prevent information leakage, falsification, theft, etc. In addition to conducting physical and technical, human, and organizational threats, the Company will take appropriate and necessary information security measures.

Protection of personal information

The Company shall comply with the laws and other regulations regarding the protection of personal information, manage and handle personal information held by the Company in accordance with the Basic Policy on Personal Information Protection and all information security policies determined by the Company. The Personal Information Management Officer will be responsible for the management of individual information.

Improvement of information security literacy

Employees will be provided with thorough security education and training so that everyone involved in our information assets can perform their duties with a high aptitude. The Company will also continue to provide education and training so that we can respond to ever-changing situations.

Strength of management of outsourced companies

When concluding an outsourcing agreement, we will thoroughly evaluate the eligibility of the outsourcing contractor and request that we maintain a security level equal to or higher than our company. In addition, in order to continue to ensure that these security levels are maintained appropriately, we will continually review contractors and work to strengthen contracts.

Target of Information Security Policy

The “information assets” covered by this policy refers to the information obtained in our corporate activities and all information we hold in our business. The Company’s executives, employees, temporary employees, etc. and outsourced contractors and their employees who handle our information assets shall comply with the Information Security Policy.

Supplementary provision
This information security policy takes effect on November 7, 2018.

Disclaimer : The English version is a translation of the original in Japanese for information purposes only. In case of a discrepancy, the Japanese original will prevail.