2019/04/16 Press Release
Infrastructure drones in Japan and overseas through a comprehensive business alliance with TechnoPro Construction Inc. Starting joint development of solution services
2019/04/05 Press Release
A.L.I. will Start Taking Subscriptions for the Test User of Cloud Based Rendering Service that Improves the Rendering Quality
2019/04/01 Press Release
Reorganization of the Management Structure aimed at Accelerating Technological Development and Business Promotion
2019/04/01 News
Komatsu and Katano, Our representatives, were Invited to the “HIRAI Pitch” Round-Table Meeting with the Minister of State Hirai
2019/04/01 News
Former Executive Director at Sony Computer Entertainment, Kazuo Miura has Accepted to be A.L.I.’s Outside Director
2019/03/27 Press Release
A.L.I. Held a Public Flight Test and Announced Concept Movie of Speeder® Hoverbike
2019/03/12 Press Release
Joint Research and Development of UAV, Drone for Power Plant Boiler Inspection
2019/02/01 Press Release
Joint Development of Computing Power Pool for Deep Learning
2019/01/10 News
Miki Igarashi Assumes Position of A.L.I.’s Technology Ambassador
2019/01/07 Press Release
A.L.I. Collaborates with AMD to Develop Cloud 3D Rendering Service with Blockchain-Based Payment System
2018/12/28 News
Notice of Company Name Change
2018/12/18 Press Release
Construction of an Intellectual Property Portfolio
2018/11/29 News
Forbes JAPAN votes Komatsu in the Top 20 of Japan’s Entrepreneurial Ranking
2018/10/05 Press Release
Notice of Drone Department Co., Ltd. Becoming a Subsidiary
2018/09/13 Press Release
Support for Keisuke Honda’s Introduction of Drone Tests to Strengthen Cambodia’s National Team
2018/08/07 News
Establishment of the Subsidiary Company
2018/07/18 News
Professional Soccer Player Keisuke Honda Visited to Our Office
2018/07/11 News
Change of Directors
2018/07/02 News
Change of Directors
2018/06/18 Press Release
FAI, JMA and ALI agreed to cooperate for holding the “FAI Drone Racing World Cup 2020” in Japan


Growth requires change. A.L.I., as an expanding organization, is constantly changing.
We are constantly searching for a workplace that maximizes the potential of our employees,
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