2021/04/08 Press Release
A.L.I. Technologies Inc. Ranks 57th Deloitte Technology Fast 500 Asia Pacific 2020, A Ranking Program of Fastest-Growing Technology Companies, with a 1014.6% Revenue (Sales) Growth Rate
2021/03/29 Media
A.L.I. featured in Nikkei Shimbun and Nikkei Online Edition
2021/03/29 Press Release
CO2 Calculation Platform「zeroboard」selected as Recipient of Next Generation Innovation Creation Project 2020 Grant
2021/03/26 Press Release
A.L.I. Technologies to Conduct Drone Surveying Tests for Private Sector Utilizing 3D Modeling Data
2021/03/09 News
[Exhibit Information: Power & Energy Solutions]2nd Kankyo-Business Online EXPO
2021/03/03 Media
We were featured in the Nikkei Online Publication
2021/03/03 Press Release
「zeroboard」, an SaaS-type Decarbonization Platform that Calculates and Visualizes Carbon Emissions
2021/03/02 News
[Exhibit Information: Power & Energy Solutions] 11th International Smart Grid EXPO (3rd~5th March 2021)
2020/12/21 Press Release
A.L.I. Places in Tokyo Venture Championship 2020
2020/12/14 News
A.L.I. Advances to Finals in Tokyo Venture Championship 2020, Second Consecutive Year
2020/12/10 Press Release
A.L.I. Technologies Inc. Ranks 3rd 2020 Japan Technology Fast 50, A Ranking of Fastest-Growing Technology Companies, with a 1014.6% Revenue (Sales) Growth Rate
2020/12/08 Press Release
A.L.I. to hold Public Demonstration with SBS Holdings in Anticipation of Full-Scale Logistics Flights in 2021
2020/11/20 Press Release
A.L.I. Technologies Inc. signs capital tie-up with Fuyo General Lease Co., Ltd. With aims to create Air-Mobility Society
2020/11/17 Press Release
ACSL and A.L.I. to cooperate to build safe drone delivery system 〜Early Achievement of the Safe Transportation of Goods〜
2020/11/11 Press Release
A.L.I. Technologies and Aerodyne Japan form business alliance to provide drone operation systems
2020/11/10 Media
We were featured in the Nikkei Online Publication
2020/11/10 Press Release
Zenrin Datacom and A.L.I. Technologies form business alliance ~Aiming to build the de facto standard in Logistics Drones~
2020/11/04 Press Release
A.L.I. Forms Alliance with Peace Winds Japan ーParticipation in ARROWS Search and Rescue Medical Team Project
2020/10/28 Press Release
Digital Artists Support Projects starts Receiving Applications for Support Program ーBlender®, Maya®, 3ds Max®, Houdini® Unreal Engine® User Rendering Support
2020/10/20 Press Release
Odawara City Microgrid Construction Project to be announced at CEATEC 2020 ONLINE


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