Company Name A.L.I. Technologies Inc.
Capital 100 million yen *As of July/2020
OFFICER Chairman of the Board of Directors Taiji Itoh
President(Representative Director) Daisuke Katano
Kensuke Okabe
Establishment September 2016
Main Office 〒105-0011 3-1-8 Tokyo, Minato-ku, Shiba-Koen, Shiba-Koen Annex 6F
Business Contents Hoverbike R&D, Manufacture, and Sales Industrial Drone R&D and Consulting Industrial Drone Inspections, Surveying Operations Integrated Drone Operation Management System R&D Provision of Cloud GPU services
Main Financing Bank Mizuho Bank, Ltd. Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
Clients (Alphabetic order, Titles omitted) Hitachi, Ltd. KYOCERA Corporation Kyushu Railway Company MISAWA HOMES CO., LTD. Mitsubishi Electric Corporation Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. Mitsubishi Power, Ltd. Nagoya Railroad Co.,Ltd. TechnoPro Construction, Inc. West Japan Railway Company YANMAR HELI & AGRI CO., LTD. And more