Our Mission

We will be industry leaders, creating new infrastructures to support the world of tomorrow.

The employees at A.L.I. have a wide range of skill, and work day by day to accomplish this mission.
The company needs new members in all business fields to support the rapid growth.
Together, we will be pioneers in cutting edge technological fields, and bring forth a world of innovation!

List of open positions:



Characteristics of each business

Each of the businesses developed by A.L.I. Technologies have strength in their originality. Here are some examples of that:

Air Mobility Business

With employees and management active in the forefront of business and development, there is an environment where we can focus on the development of air mobility.
We are supported by a team of manufacturers, which allows us to stay on top of cutting edge technologies.
While we strive to achieve the vision of A.L.I. Technologies, we can also improve our skills in new and exciting areas.

Drone & AI Business

We develop in-house original drone and AI solutions. You can rise to the challenge of developing various types of industrial drones, equipped with AI, and work towards the integration and implementation of drones in society.
We are fully equipped with high-spec PCs and 3D printers and are working in the best drone and AI development environment.
The business side is enriched by industry professionals and strategic consultants; We have a system that allows us to concentrate on development.

Shared Computing

You can rise the challenge of developing services that will become the next-generation infrastructure called cloud sharing of computing power.
You can also acquire related advanced tech skills such as deep learning, IoT, and rendering.
The small team consists of elite professionals, making it easy to turn your ideas into reality.

CULTUREWorking Environment

The organization and structure of A.L.I. is constantly changing. Regardless of age, nationality or gender, we are always looking for a work environment that maximizes the potential of each individual.


Twice a year, we honor employees who have been striving for excellence. A.L.I. Technologies has introduced OKR and is working on a daily basis to achieve companywide goals and business unit goals.


A.L.I. Technologies is made up of professionals from various fields. Study sessions are held regularly to share knowledge in areas of specialty.


Once a year, all employees receive training at the A.L.I. Kick Off Meeting. The location is determined by the performance of the previous year. The 2019 meeting was held in Singapore.


The starting time can be changed by advanced application on a monthly basis. We want to accommodate for people of many different lifestyles.


We have introduced a system to partially support expenses such as yoga and fitness so that employees can always be your best self.


We hold a welcome lunch to welcome new employees and help them get to know their new coworkers.


Here are some of A.L.I. Technologies’ current employees


Julien Thieffry


Ayumu Asano


Shin Homma


Taiki Sato

Corporate Position

Ayana Ozawa

Julien Thieffry

Edge Robotics Dept.   Engineer

After completing a Master's degree in Information Engineering at Keio University and a Masters degree in Telecommunications Engineering at IMT Atlantique in France, he joined SBI Holdings. As a system engineer, he was instrumental in the production of SBI core products. Later, at Morgan Stanley Japan, he coordinated infrastructure and business operations across Asia as manager of a global team with a mission to manage and stabilize the production environment. Julien joined A.L.I. in 2019, where he is responsible for software development focused primarily on AI.

Ayumu Asano

Shared Computing Dept.  Engineer

After graduating from Hiroshima City University Graduate School of Information Science, he joined Canon Inc., where he engaged mainly in the development of security functions and protocol stacks in the development of firmware for network cameras. He joined A.L.I. in 2018 as a software engineer. He is responsible for development, maintenance, and operation of computing power pools.

Shin Homma

Solution Business Dept.  Head, Deputy Director-General Business

After completing a master's program at the Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Waseda University, he joined the Accenture Management Strategy Group. He is engaged in a wide range of topics, including new business strategy planning and launching in Japan and overseas, operational reforms, and entry strategy formulation, mainly in the telecommunications, high-tech, manufacturing, power and infrastructure industries. He joined A.L.I. Technologies in 2018, where he was involved mainly in the computing power pool business and consulting projects of the Solution Business Division.

Taiki Sato

Edge Robotics Dept.  Head, Deputy Director-General Business

After completing a master's degree in aerospace engineering at the Graduate School of Engineering, the University of Tokyo, he joined McKinsey & Company. He is engaged in various projects, including mid-term management plan formulation, marketing strategy formulation, and internal organizational reform, mainly for manufacturing and consumer goods clients. He joined A.L.I. in 2019, where he provides client support for drone introduction into many projects, such as what type of drone is needed, marketability, and how to operate.

Ayana Ozawa

Corporate Planning Division  Corporate Position

After graduating from the Faculty of Business and Commerce of Keio University, she joined Recruit Co., Ltd. where she set up a new department to sell educational web services to educational facilities. In 2017, she joined LINE Corporation as a public relations public relations officer, engaged in PR activities for various LINE products. Ayana joined A.L.I. in 2019, where she is responsible for PR.