Establish the Theory

These words express our desire to be a company that can create new theories (theories and commonly accepted ideas) that will change society without being bound by conventional thinking.


Change the structure of society from the top down

Through constantly pursuing and implementing new technologies, we, as a global company that is leading the air mobility revolution by providing infrastructure that enables anyone to use the airspace safely, securely, and conveniently, will make great contributions to society

TOP MESSAGEMessage from the CEO

To challenge, to create, to contribute; That is the life to which we should aim.
This philosophy was instilled in me from my time at school. The attitude and values cultivated there are still deeply rooted within me, and have been guiding principles in the direction of A.L.I. Technologies.

A.L.I. has grand ambitions to challenge the current notion of transport and logistical infrastructure by becoming the infrastructure company for the next generation and by creating a culture of air-mobility like no one has ever seen. In the pursuit of the creation of this new society, the ability to imagine and innovate is indispensable.

In regard to our products and services, we utilize the latest technologies such as drones, AI, and blockchain to contribute to society by opening the skies to businesses and consumers alike.
We, with the flexibility and maneuverability that comes with being a startup, and the assets and technologies of Japanese manufacturing, will be pioneers of air mobility, and will elevate our society to new heights.

A.L.I. Technologies Inc.
Daisuke Katano