2019/07/10 Press Release
Nationwide Farm Drone Solution Initiative with FarmEye
2019/07/10 Press Release
Urgent Recruitment Call for 100 Drone Pilots following Rapid Expansion of Service!
2019/05/31 Press Release
Concept and Patents announced for Sky Infrastructure
2019/05/15 Press Release
Joint Green Project in the Disaster Area Using Drones with Kure City, Hiroshima Prefecture
2019/04/16 Press Release
Infrastructure drones in Japan and overseas through a comprehensive business alliance with TechnoPro Construction Inc. Starting joint development of solution services
2019/04/05 Press Release
A.L.I. will Start Taking Subscriptions for the Test User of Cloud Based Rendering Service that Improves the Rendering Quality
2019/04/01 Press Release
Reorganization of the Management Structure aimed at Accelerating Technological Development and Business Promotion
2019/03/27 Press Release
A.L.I. Held a Public Flight Test and Announced Concept Movie of Speeder® Hoverbike
2019/03/12 Press Release
Joint Research and Development of UAV, Drone for Power Plant Boiler Inspection
2019/02/01 Press Release
Joint Development of Computing Power Pool for Deep Learning
2019/01/07 Press Release
A.L.I. Collaborates with AMD to Develop Cloud 3D Rendering Service with Blockchain-Based Payment System
2018/12/18 Press Release
Construction of an Intellectual Property Portfolio
2018/10/05 Press Release
Notice of Drone Department Co., Ltd. Becoming a Subsidiary
2018/09/13 Press Release
Support for Keisuke Honda’s Introduction of Drone Tests to Strengthen Cambodia’s National Team
2018/06/18 Press Release
FAI, JMA and ALI agreed to cooperate for holding the “FAI Drone Racing World Cup 2020” in Japan
2018/05/21 Press Release
Capital and Business Alliance with Nagoya Railroad
2018/05/21 Press Release
Notice of Capital Increase through Third-Party Share Issuance
2018/04/02 Press Release
[Update] Pending Patent Application List
2018/03/22 Press Release
Keisuke Honda’s private fund, KSK Angel Fund, acquires shares of the company
2018/03/01 Press Release
Taking Charge of Conducting Technical Feasibility Study for the Drone Highway Concept


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