2020/07/28 Press Release
Digital Artists Support Project launched to support upcoming digital artists’ creative pursuits  Blender and ProRender will be offered free of charge to support creativity
2020/05/26 Press Release
A.L.I. Technologies to Partner with Japan Infrastructure Waymark for the Social Implementation of Drone Solutions for Public Infrastructure Inspections
2020/04/23 Press Release
Computing Power Provisions Started for COVID-19 Analysis Project
2020/03/26 Press Release
New Spherical Drone Developed for Indoor Small Space Inspection
2020/03/23 Press Release
COVID-19 Update: The Delivery of XTurismoTM has been Postponed to Ensure the Health and Safety of Product Personnel
2020/03/23 Press Release
Development of a Drone Solution to Enable Instant Measurement of Forest Height
2020/03/04 Press Release
With A.L.I. as a resource sponsor, CDLE Hackathon receives Cabinet Office’s Japan Open Innovation Prize
2020/02/10 Press Release
BULLET RENDER FARM decided as Render Farm for Digital Hollywood University
2019/12/27 Press Release
Pre-order sales of 170g racing drones to further promote drone racing in Japan
2019/12/25 Press Release
Payload up to 50kg, flight distance up to 20km Reservations started for highly scalable logistic drones
2019/11/28 Press Release
Notice of Fundraising -Aiming to raise ¥2.31B to Develop Infrastructure for an Air Mobile Society-
2019/11/27 Press Release
Demonstration Experiment utilizing Blockchain conducted with Mitsubishi Electric 〜Preparation for the expansion of private operation of social water and sewage infrastructure〜
2019/10/23 Press Release
A.L.I. Technologies finishes development of C.O.S.M.O.S, a Sky Traffic Management Platform, Achieving Autonomous and Automatic operation of UAV Drones for Society 5.0
2019/10/08 Press Release
Air Mobility “XTURISMO Limited Edition” to be unveiled at Tokyo Motor Show 2019
2019/09/01 Press Release
Cloud Rendering Service Bullet Render Farm launched on September 1st
2019/08/26 Press Release
Tokyo Motor Show to host FAI Approved International Drone Race Event
2019/08/01 Press Release
A.L.I. Limited Edition Hoverbike Prototype Speeder® to be exhibited at Tokyo Motor Show 2019
2019/07/31 Press Release
Launch of Bullet Render Farm, Cloud Rendering Service, Jointly Developed with AMD, at SIGGRAPH 2019
2019/07/24 Press Release
Domestic Drone Producer utilizes Cutting Edge Drone Technology Develops A.L.I. Number One, a Multi-purpose drone with AI Edge Computing
2019/07/17 Press Release
A.L.I. Technologies appoints Masafumi Yasutomi Special Advisor ~For the acceleration of the social integration of drones and air mobility~


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