2021/10/06 News
XTURISMO Limited Edition Debut Event
2021/08/05 News
A.L.I. certified as company that practices Telework Tokyo Rules, advocated by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.
2021/07/27 News
Coming Soon: XTURISMO Limited Edition Model Product Launch Event
2021/07/27 News
An Expression of Gratitude for the Opportunity to Participate in the Kamen Rider 50th Anniversary Series
2021/07/21 News
Corporate website and XTURISMO Website Renewal
2021/06/22 News
Drone Emergency Landing during Demonstration in Osakikamijima-cho
2021/06/16 News
XTURISMO Hoverbike Teaser Site Launched.
2021/03/09 News
[Exhibit Information: Power & Energy Solutions]2nd Kankyo-Business Online EXPO
2021/03/02 News
[Exhibit Information: Power & Energy Solutions] 11th International Smart Grid EXPO (3rd~5th March 2021)
2020/12/14 News
A.L.I. Advances to Finals in Tokyo Venture Championship 2020, Second Consecutive Year
2020/04/02 News
Notice of Changes to Governance and Management Systems
2020/03/04 News
Notice of postponement of Dubai event; measures to prevent spread of COVID-19
2020/02/19 News
Notice of Product Release Postponement
2019/10/27 News
Keisuke Honda interviews Chairman Komatsu
2019/10/08 News
CONVERSE × XTURISMO™ Collaboration! Special Limited Edition Hoodie awarded to 50 lucky contestants
2019/07/01 News
4 Aerial photography winners decided by drone industry celebritie
2019/05/23 News
Our Representative, Daisuke Katano, will Appear on Stage at [B Dash Camp 2019 Spring in Sapporo]
2019/05/08 News
Drone Aerial Photography Contest, over One Million Yen in Prizes awarded by Drone Industry Giants
2019/04/01 News
Komatsu and Katano, Our representatives, were Invited to the “HIRAI Pitch” Round-Table Meeting with the Minister of State Hirai
2019/04/01 News
Former Executive Director at Sony Computer Entertainment, Kazuo Miura has Accepted to be A.L.I.’s Outside Director


Growth requires change. A.L.I., as an expanding organization, is constantly changing.
We are constantly searching for a workplace that maximizes the potential of our employees,
regardless of age, nationality, or gender.

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