[Air Mobility Business Field] Control/Sensor Systems Development Engineer

Control/Sensor Systems Development Engineer

Job Description
Design and implementation of an embedded control system and sensor system to be mounted on a hover bike. In addition, the implemented system will be verified and evaluated on the actual machine.
Probation period
3 months
Working hours
Super flextime system (no core time)
Prescribed working hours are managed on a monthly basis, rather than daily basis.
Break Time: 1 hour
Overtime work: Yes
Days off
Two days off per week
Work place
Main office: (Tokyo, Minato-ku, Shiba Koen 3-1-8 Shiba Koen Annex 6F)
*Remote work system introduced
Insurances available
Employment Insurance, Work Injury Insurance, Health Insurance, Employee Pension
Employee status
Full-time employment, Contract employment
・Ability to write in C programming language (C++) – Understand how to set peripherals (timers, interrupt controllers, SPI, CAN) from register access from the manual
・Some understanding of the structure of the real-time OS (Even if you do not have development experience in business)
・Ability to understand the communication format and can read the data sheet of devices such as sensors, understand the electrical standards of CPUs, and the ability to connect sensor and CPU properly
・Ability to use measuring instruments; Oscilloscope, multimeter, DC power supply
・Read connection diagrams and connection diagrams (ability to write is not necessary)

Desired experience
・Experience with programming for in vehicle equipment
・CAN communication equipment programming and verification
・Has experience assembling electronic equipment
・PC based app development
・Creation of your own verification tool is acceptable (no product level skill required)
Example of desirable past job experience
・Experience in embedded control development using a combination of microcomputer and sensor/actuator regardless of industrial field
・Experience developing embedded electrical systems regardless of industrial field