Energy Solutions

zeroboard has transferred its business to Zeroboard, Inc. as of September 22, 2021. Please click here to see the press release

A.L.I. is developing services to support corporate efforts to decarbonize and promote environmentally friendly management by utilizing its experience in system development and consulting in the electric power sector. By providing solutions aimed at the private and public sectors and consumers, we will contribute to a more sustainable society of the future.

Service Overview

Decarbonization Platform for Public and Private Sectors

Decarbonization Platform for Public and Private Sectors

We provide a SaaS that enables calculation and visualization of CO2 emissions based on GHG protocol, carbon offset, and reporting functions in addition to API for integrating carbon offset to B2C services.

Renewable Energy Power Supply Solutions for Small Electric Utility Retailers

Blockchain implementation consultations

We provide a model for fractional ownership of renewable energy sources for consumers and a visualization tool for power source verification (renewable energy / local consumption).

Consultation and campaign support for decarbonization for B2C companies

Drone introduction consultation

We provide a method for calculating CO2 emissions, formulating CO2 reduction plans that match each company’s vision, providing carbon offsets, and supporting the execution of branding campaigns.