We are working on developing original drones, AI management system and wireless power delivery system platforms, drone operator dispatch, and drone race system development.

Solutions provided

Combining technological and business knowledge, we are a one-stop-shop providing everything from business exploration to realization.

Operations that encourage the growth of the industrial drone market

  • Business consultation

    Business plan
    Asset utilization diagnosis

  • Proof of Concept

    Verification of business model and technology

  • Business development

    Develop everything you need for your business

  • Solution

    Provide the best solution for your business

Drone Technology

Monitoring and Management Platform

C.O.S.M.O.S will become the basis of automatic operation of UAVs enabling more reliable planning, monitoring and management of aircraft health, operation reliability, and safety of operator’s surroundings. For example, we use C.O.S.M.O.S’s position monitoring technology to make the whole picture of a drone race easily understandable to the audience.

Drone Technology

C.O.S.M.O.S demonstration experiment

Drone racing finals

AI Technology

AI image analysis technology

In the inspection of, the task of finding cracks and rust from drone photography is becoming more and more popular, and is becoming more difficult for drone operators with limited skills to successfully perform the task.
SMARK is a tool that uses deep learning AI to supplement empirical judgements of the inspection drone operator.

SMARK Custom

Indoor Flight Technology

A.L.I.’s SLAM × AI autonomous flight control system enables autonomous flight even in non-GPS environments.
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A.L.I.'s SLAM × AI

Pilot Dispatch

With a network of over 100 registrants, we can provide professional pilots who have mastered high-level safety management manuals anywhere in Japan. In addition to spot dispatch, low-cost dispatch can be realized by annual comprehensive contract.

Pilot Dispatch

Solution example

  • Infrastructure Inspection Solution

    Infrastructure Inspection Solution

  • Reforestation/Agriculture Sensing Solution

    Reforestation/Agriculture Sensing Solution

  • Surveying Solution

    Surveying Solution

  • Aerial Photography

    Aerial Photography

Aerial photography/
promotion video production

A drone aerial photography and videography service shot by top drone pilots who has done over 1000 works for over 600 clients. We provide one-stop services from shooting to delivery, such as PV production using ground cameras, as well as aerial photography.

Domestic Original Drone

A world-class team of drone engineers performs design and quality control at bases in Japan. We also jointly develop with major companies and respond to highly confidential applications with high security standards. We also produce competitive drones from various industrial drones.

Examples of drones developed by A.L.I.

Domestic Original Drone