The XTURISMO Limited Edition Global Launch is Officially Announced at the Supercars Show Top Marques Monaco 2022


A.L.I. Technologies Inc. (Main office: Tokyo, Minato; President Shuhei KOMATSU; hereinafter: A.L.I.) has officially announced the global launch of the XTURISMO Limited Edition, a fully functioning hoverbike developed by A.L.I., at the Top Marques Monaco event held in the Principality of Monaco starting from Friday, June 8.

With this announcement, A.L.I. has started accepting purchase orders for the XTURISMO from all over the world.


At theTop Marques Monaco, luxury car manufacturers such as Ferrari, Lamborghini and McLaren exhibited their latest products, and was attended by numerous VIPs, influencers, and other guests.

(photo left) from left, A.L.I. President Shuhei KOMATSU, His Serene highness Albert II de Monaco
(photo right) from the back, A.L.I. Directors Kazuo MIURA, A.L.I. President Shuhei KOMATSU, His Serene highness Albert II de Monaco

Unveiling Ceremony


The unveiling of the XTURISMO Limited Edition was performed by His Serene highness Albert II de Monaco, and attracted a great deal of attention at the event.


His Serene highness Albert II de Monaco board the XTURISMO Limited Edition hoverbike on display

At this event, select visitors were able to board the XTURISMO Limited Edition hoverbike on display, and many people visited the booth.


■About the XTURISMO Limited Edition

As Japan’s leading air mobility company, A.L.I. has been developing hoverbike technology since 2017 with the aim to provide a brand-new way of experiencing the world. It features a sleek and stylish exterior, a worthy icon for the next generation of transport.

Since the unveiling of XTURISMO at Fuji Speedway held in Japan on October 26, 2021, A.L.I. has received many inquiries, many from outside Japan.


■Product Overview

Product Name: XTURISMO Limited Edition

Standard Price: $777,000 USD

Outer Dimensions: 3.7m (L) x 2.4m (W) x 1.5m (H)

For inquiries about XTRISMO:


<A.L.I. Technologies Inc.>

Under the mission statement Changing Society from the Top Down, A.L.I. Technologies has developed and released air mobility platform, C.O.S.M.O.S., and the XTURISMO Limited Edition Hoverbike. A.L.I. will continue to innovate, unbound by existing ideas, to develop and deploy systems that are necessary for the realization of an air mobility society.


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