Agreement Signed between A.L.I. and Yamanashi Prefecture for the Social Implementation of Air Mobility


A.L.I. Technologies Inc.


A.L.I. Technologies Inc. (Main office: Tokyo, Minato-ku; CEO: Daisuke Katano; hereinafter A.L.I.) has signed a partnership agreement for the social implementation of air mobility, which is expected to be used in a wide range of fields, including transportation and disaster relief, as a new form of mobility.

(From left) A.L.I. CEO Daisuke Katano, Governor of Yamanashi Prefecture Kotaro Nagasaki

A.L.I. has been working on the development of air mobility since its establishment in 2017. In this context, the objectives of both Yamanashi Prefecture, which started a project this year to support demonstration experiments for the social implementation of advanced technologies based on the Linear Yamanashi Vision, and A.L.I., which aims for the social implementation of air mobility, are in alignment, which led to the signing of this agreement.

Signing of the agreement

It is the belief of A.L.I. that this is the first step in developing air mobility as an industry that contributes to society, along with its products and technological innovations. Moving forward, A.L.I. and Yamanashi prefecture will work together to promote the social implementation of air mobility in compliance with driving rules and in consideration of the safety of local residents.


A.L.I. will continue to work with Yamanashi Prefecture not only on the development of aircraft, but also on business development for the safe social implementation of air mobility.


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A.L.I. started as an AI equipped drone development company, and through the cultivation and accumulation of technology and experience, has since moved into a wide variety of industrial fields, such as the Shared Computing business, enabling heavy computing processes to be done anywhere around the globe, an Energy Solutions business in pursuit of a sustainable society, and an Air Mobility business that aims to sell the world’s first commercially available hoverbike. A.L.I. will continue to innovate by developing products that creatively utilize technologies such as drone, blockchain, and AI.


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