Agreement Concluded on Energy Management Project Utilizing Local Microgrid in Odawara City

Odawara City
Kyocera Corporation
Shonan Power Co. Ltd
A.L.I. Technologies Inc.

Odawara City (Mayor: Teruhiko Moriya), Kyocera Corporation (Director: Hideo Tanimoto), REXEV Inc. (CEO: Ken Watanabe), Shonan Power Co. Ltd (CEO: Masaki Hara), and A.L.I. Technologies Inc (CEO: Daisuke Katano), have entered into an agreement relating to an Energy Management Project using Local Microgrids in Odawara City as of the 28th of April, 2021.

▲Agreement signing ceremony
(From the left :  Hara from Shonan Power Co. Ltd,  Hamano from Kyocera Corporation, Odawara City Mayor Moriya,  Watabe from REXEV Inc, and  Tokeiji from A.L.I.)

This project was accepted as a subsidized project by the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry (METI) in fiscal year 2020, and started in September of the same year. *1 In the autumn of 2021, the construction of the regional microgrid will be completed and the operation will start in Odawara Kodomo no Mori Park and Odawara City Ikoi no Mori.

Image translation:
(1) Third party ownership model PV + batteries
(2) Supply by bundling excess renewable energy
Centre: Solar panel array, power receiving equipment, etc.
Bottom: Wanpaku land, Ikoi forest


Image translation:

Top (blue): Times of Non-emergency: Control of storage batteries, etc., to expand the introduction of renewable energy
Bottom (red): Times of Emergency (Major power outage): Independent operation using solar power generation facilities and storage batteries, etc.

Based on this agreement, we will promote the discussion and identification of issues for the operation of a regional microgrid using the existing power distribution network, which is an advanced approach in Japan, through cooperation between the public and private sectors. In addition, we will continue to promote efforts to achieve partial carbon neutrality through local production for local consumption by establishing a system to use renewable energy in Odawara City.

*1) FY2020 Subsidy for the Project for the Integrated Use of Energy Utilizing Local Grid Lines
(Regional microgrid construction project in the regional microgrid construction support project)
List of projects approved for grant 【Second round】

■For any media inquiries, please contact:
・Odawara City: Environmental Dept., Energy Policy Div.: Mail
・Kyocera Corporation: PR Office: Main office: Tel 075-604-3514 / Tokyo Tel 03-6364-5503
・REXEV Inc.: Co-founder & Director Takashi Fujii: Mail / Tel 03-3525-8008
・Shonan Power Co. Ltd: Mail
・A.L.I. Technologies Inc.: PR Unit: Mail



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