A.L.I. Technologies Inc. signs capital tie-up with Fuyo General Lease Co., Ltd. With aims to create Air-Mobility Society

A.L.I. Technologies Inc. (Main office: Tokyo, Minato-ku; CEO: Daisuke Katano; hereinafter A.L.I.) and Fuyo General Lease Co., Ltd. (Main office: Tokyo, Chiyoda-ku; CEO: Yasunori Tsujita; hereinafter Fuyo Lease) are pleased to announce a capital tie-up.

A.L.I.’s vision is to be the infrastructure company of the new generation, by combining three major core businesses: Drone & AI, Air Mobility, and Computing Power Sharing. In particular, the company believes that UAVs and drones are a technology that will contribute to the solution of pressing social issues such as aging infrastructure, labor shortages, logistics, and disaster relief. Through this alliance with Fuyo Lease, A.L.I. aims to tackle these issues as soon as possible becoming an infrastructure company for the sky and contributing to the future of an Air Mobile Society.

A.L.I.’s core drone and AI businesses have expanded into surveying and logistics domains, and as a result the company has a growing track record of working with many companies and municipalities, and additionally offers the largest number of drone operators in Japan.
Additionally, A.L.I. conducts R&D, testing, manufacturing, and is currently preparing for sales of the XTurismo®, a functional manned hoverbike.

A.L.I. strives to build the next generation of infrastructure in the air by utilizing its intellectual properties, technologies, and expertise.

■Fuyo General Lease Co., Ltd.
Main office: 102-0083 Tokyo, Chiyoda-ku, Kojimachi, 5-1-1, Sumitomo Real Estate, Kojimachi Garden Tower
Established: 5/1/1969

<Overview of A.L.I.>
A.L.I. is engaged in the AI-equipped drone business, providing a variety of drone and AI related solutions for business, including a computer power sharing business which enables computing power to be accessible world-wide, electric power solutions that aims to create a sustainable society, and an air mobility business with the aim of developing and promoting the sales of the world’s first practical hoverbike.A.L.I. will continue to develop and operate innovative and disruptive technologies that implement AI, blockchain, and drone technologies, unbound by existing ideas.

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