A.L.I. Forms Alliance with Peace Winds Japan ーParticipation in ARROWS Search and Rescue Medical Team Project

A.L.I. Technologies Inc. (Main office: Tokyo, Minato-ku; CEO: Daisuke Katano; hereinafter A.L.I.) has formed an alliance with non-profit organization Peace Winds Japan (Main office: Hiroshima, Jinsekikogen; Director: Kensuke Onishi; hereinafter PWJ) to collaborate on the disaster and medical relief project, ARROWS*1, which has led to research and development into the use of UAVs to supply medicine and other necessities for the purpose of rescue and logistical support in times of disaster.


A.L.I. has been aims to optimize the relationship between social value and the practical requirements of the equipment and systems by conducting proof-of-concept demonstrations for a variety of situations. In particular, the company believes that UAVs have an especially high potential for use in solving medical problems in large-scale disasters and in underpopulated areas.
With this in mind, the alliance with PWJ to collaborate in the disaster and medical support project, ARROWS, the organizations will embark on a project to utilize UAS drone systems for the purpose of medical care and supply distribution in underpopulated areas and in times of disaster.
In this project, the main focus is on the use of the UAV operation management system C.O.S.M.O.S*2 developed by A.L.I., which will make it possible to operate a drone solution more safely and reliably. During the current fiscal year, the implementation of the three-dimensional maps and flight paths, as well as the examination and testing of operational methods, are scheduled to progress as the project moves forward. PWJ is also involved in a wide range of activities overseas, and will continue to work on services not only in Japan but internationally.

Visualization of UAV position information and flight trajectory
■ Automatic route generation/registration/control function
■ Information on UAV flight times and safety management
■ Real-time visualization of three-dimensional maps and weather/disaster information (under final adjustment)

In addition to the continued demonstration and evaluation of the transportation function of UAVs, we will also aim to collaborate with the medical field for future social implementation of drone technologies, and we will cooperate with the ARROWS project to eliminate various social issues that surround the technologies by utilizing the culmination of UAV technology and expertise we have accumulated.

*1 ARROWS Project Overview
Name: Airborne Search and Rescue Medical Team ARROWS
Governing Body: Non-Profit Organization Peace Winds Japan
The Asia Pacific Alliance for Disaster Management Japan (A-PAD JAPAN)
Civic Force, a public interest incorporated association

*2 C.O.S.M.O.S
A traffic management platform that enables UAV swarm control and air traffic control, a technology that makes it possible to plan, monitor and manage the fundamentals of automated UAV operations to better plan, monitor and control aircraft health, operational certainty and the safety of the surrounding area and operators.
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<Overview of A.L.I.>
Initially, A.L.I. began as an AI-equipped drone designer and manufacturer, but expanded into various industries, creating products and services including a shared computing service that enables ultra-efficient computing power to be accessed worldwide, electric power solutions aimed at the promotion of sustainable energy, and the design, manufacture, and sale of the world’s first personal use hoverbike.
A.L.I. will continue to develop innovative products using technologies such as drones, AI, and blockchain, unbound by existing ideas.
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