Odawara City Microgrid Construction Project to be announced at CEATEC 2020 ONLINE

A.L.I. Technologies Inc. (Main office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Daisuke Katano; Hereinafter A.L.I.), Kyocera Corp. (President: Hideo Tanimoto; Hereinafter Kyocera), and REXEV Inc. have been selected by the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry (METI) for a regional microgrid construction project in the 2020 financial year.

This microgrid construction project will be announced at Kyocera’s online booth at CEATEC 2020 ONLINE, the largest conferences for cutting-edge IT and electronics in Asia, which will be held from Tuesday, 20th October. Representatives of the consortium partner companies will introduce their companies and talk about their role in the project, their use of the latest technologies, and the contribution of this project to the new normal society.

From the left: Yoshimasa Kusano from Kyocera, Michitaka Tokeiji from A.L.I., Ken Watabe from REXEV.

A.L.I. will implement the following initiatives in the consortium over the fiscal years 2020 and 2021.

■A.L.I.’s contribution to the demonstration project
(1) Environmental Trading Platform Provision
For companies such as those involved in ESG and SDG, there is an ever-increasing need to address environmental concerns and reduce CO2 emissions. A.L.I. provides a digital platform for post-FiT (Feed-in Tariff) and non-FiT solar power generation for personal consumption, making the purchasing and sale of energy much easier, thereby promoting the consumption of electricity that is produced locally.

(2) Proposal of Renewable Energy Financing Methods
The initial investment of installation of renewable energy, which is a major component of regional microgrids, is a major obstacle in the spread and popularization of microgrids. A.L.I. will reduce the initial installation investment and management costs by utilizing security tokens (digital securities issued using blockchain technology) enabling multiple consumers to own renewable energy facilities (virtual partial ownership), and self-consignment and net metering will be implemented to reduce installation costs further.

(3)Creation of New Adjustment Capabilities with a Calculation Server
Computational servers will form the basis of next-generation technologies such as 5G, AI, and automated driving, and demand for these servers is expected to grow even further across the country in the future. Because of the short response time of computational servers and their ability to flexibly adjust electricity demand (i.e., allocation of calculations to servers located in other regions when supply and demand are tight), through this demonstration we will show their usefulness as a next-generation supply and demand coordination force.

(4) Data Infrastructure Verification for Smart Metering Using Blockchain
Toward the utilization of smart meter data in society as a whole, we will improve security by converting smart meters to blockchain nodes and building a data distribution system. In this way, we aim to create new services and test results that will contribute to the examination of next-generation smart meters being conducted by the government.


Date: Oct. 20th Tues. ~ 23rd Fri. 10:00~17:00
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Admission: Free (All visitors must register for admission)
*You must apply online for admission.
Organizer: CEATEC Organizing Committee
Overview: Under the slogan, “CEATEC – Towards Society 5.0 with the New Normal”, this conference is an international exhibition of information technology and electronics, consisting of 5 areas: New Normal Area, Corporate Area, Co-Creation PARK, as well as the Conference Area and the Official Event Area.

■Kyocera Exhibition Booth
Exhibition Area: General Exhibit Area
Overview: Under the theme of “Toward a Smarter World through Digitalization” Kyocera will introduce its latest products and solutions contributing to a new normal society in four categories: “Mobility”, “5G / IoT”, “Smart Manufacturing” and “Energy Solutions”. In addition, each product page will feature presentations and videos of Kyocera’s co-creation efforts as well as examples of advanced technologies and applications.

■Reference Release
Adoption of Renewable Energy Project for Regional Microgrid Construction in Odawara City, Kanagawa Prefecture

<Overview of A.L.I.>
Initially, A.L.I. began as an AI-equipped drone designer and manufacturer, but expanded into various industries, creating products and services including a shared computing service that enables ultra-efficient computing power to be accessed worldwide, electric power solutions aimed at the promotion of sustainable energy, and the design, manufacture, and sale of the world’s first personal use hoverbike.
A.L.I. will continue to develop innovative products using technologies such as drones, AI, and blockchain, unbound by existing ideas.

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