Adoption of Renewable Energy Project for Regional Microgrid Construction in Odawara City, Kanagawa Prefecture

Kyocera Corporation
A.L.I. Technologies, Inc.
Shonan Power Co., Ltd.
Odawara City


Kyocera Corporation (President: Hideo Tanimoto, hereinafter “Kyocera”), A.L.I. Technologies, Inc. (President: Daisuke Katano, hereinafter “A.L.I.”) and REXEV Corporation (President: Takeshi Watanabe, hereinafter “REXEV”) are pleased to announce that the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) has publicly solicited applications for a project through the Sustainable Co-creation Initiative. The project has been adopted as a “Project for Regional Microgrid Construction” in 2020 (See note 1).

In addition to the three companies selected for the project, a consortium has been formed with Odawara City (Mayor: Teruhiko Moriya) and Shonan Electric Power Company (President: Masaki Hara) to work on this project. Odawara city has been promoting the expansion of renewable energy infrastructure in cooperation with public and private sectors to build a sustainable community. The goal is to build a regional microgrid that optimizes energy usage and various coordination capabilities (storage batteries, EVs, and coordination units.)

Outline of the Project
Excess power from solar power generation at homes in Odawara City will be supplied to large storage batteries and EVs in the region. In addition to unifying the management of power generation, demand, and surplus through Region Energy Management (REM), which realizes local production for local consumption, the project aims to build a regional renewable energy sharing model through blockchain.
Then, in the event of an emergency, this system will disconnect from the grid and operate a microgrid that utilizes some solar power, storage batteries and EVs to strengthen the resilience of the community.

Note 1: FY2020 Subsidy for projects using local grid lines for energy utilization (Regional Microgrid)
(Regional Microgrid Construction Support Project in the Lid Construction Support Project) List of grant-awarded projects (2nd deadline)

■Business period
September 2020 – February 2022

■Role of each company

Kyocera: Consolidation of the entire consortium, including installation and operation of solar panels and storage batteries. Supply and demand balance in the microgrid using REM, and operations to stabilize voltage and frequency.

A.L.I.: Provision of a supply and demand balancing function (Power Coordination Unit) and the introduction of REM.
Building a shared model of renewable energy using blockchain technology and using data from smart meters as blockchain nodes.

REXEV: Provision of a power adjustment function by EVs and the construction of an EV Energy Management System (EVEM) as a foundation to support this function. Providing EVs as a dynamic power and coordination force in emergencies.

Shonan Power Company: Supplying power to the region as an electricity retailer. Managing and coordinating the supply and demand of electricity during non-emergency times.

Odawara City: Coordination with energy policies, publicizing and disseminating initiatives.

For media inquiries, please contact
・ Kyocera Corporation: Public Relations Office Head Office: Tel 075-604-3514 (direct) / Tel Tokyo 03-6364-5503 (direct)
・ A.L.I. Technologies, Inc.: Public Relations Unit:
・ REXEV Corporation: Fujii: / Tel 03-3525-8008
・ Shonan Electric Power Company:
・ Odawara City: Energy Policy Promotion Division, Environment Department

Overview of Kyocera
The Kyocera Group operates globally in a wide variety of businesses ranging from materials, components, devices and equipment to service and network businesses.
In the Environment & Energy Business, Kyocera is involved in a wide range of products, including high-quality, long-term reliable solar panels, as well as various energy service businesses. Kyocera will contribute to the establishment of a stable and appropriate energy supply and demand structure and aims to build a resilient and sustainable microgrid in cooperation with local communities.
Official Site: (Japanese site) (global site in English)

Overview of A.L.I.
Initially, A.L.I. began as an AI-equipped drone designer and manufacturer, but expanded into various industries, creating products and services including a shared computing service that enables ultra-efficient computing power to be accessed worldwide, electric power solutions aimed at the promotion of sustainable energy, and the design, manufacture, and sale of the world’s first personal use hoverbike.
A.L.I. will continue to develop innovative products using technologies such as drones, AI, and blockchain, unbound by existing ideas.
Official site:

Overview of REXEV
REVEV aims to promote the use of electric vehicles that are powered by local renewable energy sources in order to provide a sustainable mode of transport. REXEV’s proprietary energy management technology optimizes the two functions of electric vehicles: mobility and storage battery, increasing the convenience for the users, thereby supporting the spread of environmentally friendly energy, and strengthening the disaster prevention capabilities of local communities.
Official site: https:/
Electric car sharing service:

Overview of Shonan Power
Shonan Power is an electric power provider that serves the Kanagawa Prefectural area. The company is developing the business based on the concept of local production and consumption of electricity. A partner of Shonan Bellmare FC, Shonan power aims to create a more livable, prosperous, and vibrant community by supporting community-based activities that will rejuvenate the economy.
Official site:

Overview of Odawara City
Odawara city has been working alongside public and private sectors to promote the introduction of renewable energy in the region, the remote management of storage batteries, control of EVs as remote batteries, among other initiatives to advance energy management in the region. Through this project, the city will lay the groundwork for the further introduction of renewable energies, and will continue to deepen the public and private partnerships as it works toward a more sustainable society.
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