Pre-order sales of 170g racing drones to further promote drone racing in Japan

A.L.I. Technologies Inc.(Main office: Tokyo, Minato-ku, CEO: Daisuke Katano, hereinafter: A.L.I.) has released the JAA-TWIG Ver 1.0 Lightning. This is a revolutionary drone that not only weighs less than 200g and therefore not subject to aviation law, but is made with all the appropriate specifications for full-scale drone racing and aerial sports photography.



・This drone was developed by JAPRADAR and A.L.I. for the purpose of promoting drone competition to implement drone technology in industrial society. In the Tokyo Motor Show 2019, three of the four finalists of the Drone Race were on the JAPRADAR team, who has also seen success both domestically and internationally as supervisor of the Japanese national team that competed in the World Championship. By developing technology through X-sports that go beyond the boundaries of the body, these companies aim to promote the social integration of drones, expand industries to promote employment, and solve the societal problems of aging society and labor shortage.

・Because this drone weighs less than 200g, it is not subject to aviation laws, and even inexperienced racers and beginners can easily get started without the need for designated practice areas.

・Specification: Total weight: 170g / Dry Weight 117.23g / Original LEDboard / FPV / HDD or 4K camera supported / Propeller Guard Mountable / Compliant to technical standards
・Delivery scheduled for late March 2020
・Recommended retail price (main unit): 29,800 yen (excluding tax)
・Sales site: Scheduled for release in January 2020


■What is it about drone racing that attracts so many people worldwide?
With race speeds reaching over 210km/h, more and more international races are being held with prize money exceeding 100 million yen, garnering the attention of the media. Worldwide, there are estimated to be more than 1 million people involved in drone racing, there are initiatives to put drone racing in the Olympic games.
However, Japan is said to have only 5000 drone racers, and is drone racing is only beginning to catch on.
Under these conditions, A.L.I. and the FAI (International Aeronautic Federation), who supervises sky sports worldwide, hosted Japan’s largest drone race to date at Tokyo Motor Show 2019, accompanied by musical performances, e-sports, and a drone industry conference, and increased the sports exposure within Japan.

*Drone Tokyo 2019 Racing & Conference official site:


■A.L.I.’s racing drone to promote the sport within Japan
Mainstream racing drones usually weigh around 500g, which far exceeds the minimum weight to be subject to aviation law, which makes it difficult to practice. Usually, racers purchase and assemble parts themselves; this is a major obstacle for beginners, and considered one of the reasons the sport hasn’t become popular.
For this reason, under the supervision of the racing drone parts supplier, JAPRADAR, A.L.I. will release a drone that is light enough to not be subject to aviation law, while still highly specified to focus on speed. This drone is easily accessible to drone enthusiasts and beginners alike.
A.L.I. believes that with initiatives to spread the awareness and increase popularity of drone racing, more entrants and sponsors will come. Through the constant development of drones and related technologies that racing provides, it will be a giant contribution to the future of air mobility in Japan.


<Overview of A.L.I.>
A.L.I. is a drone technology and AI business that develops business solutions for a wide range of industries. Such solutions include AI equipped drones, a computing power sharing service that boasts an autonomous distributed processing system, and the world’s first practical (and safe) hoverbike. We are developing our vehicle to be sold in the year 2020.
A.L.I. will continue to innovate by developing products that creatively utilize technologies such as drone, blockchain, and AI.

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