Infrastructure drones in Japan and overseas through a comprehensive business alliance with TechnoPro Construction Inc. Starting joint development of solution services

4.16.2019. TOKYO ~ A.L.I. Technologies Inc. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Directors: Shuhei Komatsu and Daisuke Katano; hereinafter “A.L.I.”) announced today that it has entered into a comprehensive business alliance agreement with TechnoPro Construction Inc.

■Background of this business alliance
In the construction industry, the need for rapid automation using new technologies and databases is rapidly increasing against the backdrop of next-generation technological innovations such as IoT, AI, and big data, the spread of smart devices, and environmental changes such as a shrinking workforce.

Among the TechnoPro Group, which represents the engineer dispatch industry and has been actively expanding its business not only in Japan but also overseas for a long time, TechnoPro Construction specializes in the construction industry and has faced all kinds of challenges and supported and managed its human resource strategy.

■The future we aim for through this business alliance
In order to support AI-based inspection/inspection solutions, we have acquired a wide variety of field data through a drone pilots dispatch service provided by our subsidiary Drone Department, Inc. and are deep-learning the data to enhance its accuracy.

In addition, we are preparing our redundantly engineered, fully autonomous-flight capable drones for service deployment and are expanding our sales and infrastructure industry professional network. As part of these efforts, through this business alliance, SMARK*, a platform service specializing in AI-based inspection/inspection solutions developed and operated by Hitachi Cable in the drone technology field, as well as the use of fully autonomous drones and data linkage with TechnoPro Construction’s cloud surveying integration platform, will enable the company to provide even more accurate and cost-effective drone solution services.

Through this business alliance and other enhancements to various drone solutions, Hitachi Cable and TechnoPro Construction will continue to promote the realization of a future that aims to improve the efficiency of pre-surveys for aging infrastructure and new construction around the world.

※About SMARK
SMARK is a marking tool specializing in inspection/testing so that anyone can easily perform image diagnosis using AI through a web application.

<Outline of TechnoPro Group and TechnoPro Construction Inc.
The TechnoPro Group is Japan’s largest technology-related human resources service group, with 18,000 engineers and researchers at approximately 130 locations in Japan (as of March 31, 2019). The company has been recognized for the breadth of its specialized fields covering almost all of the technical fields required by Japanese industry, including machinery, electricity and electronics, information systems, chemistry, biology, medicine, construction, and civil engineering.

TechnoPro Construction Inc. is the core company of the TechnoPro Group, which employs more than 2,300 engineers and provides technical services such as construction management and design to approximately 460 customers throughout Japan, including super general contractors.
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<Overview of A.L.I.>
A.L.I. is a drone technology and AI business that develops business solutions for a wide range of industries. Such solutions include AI equipped drones, a computing power sharing service that boasts an autonomous distributed processing system, and the world’s first practical (and safe) hoverbike. We are developing our vehicle to be sold in the year 2020.
A.L.I. will continue to innovate by developing products that creatively utilize technologies such as drone, blockchain, and AI.
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[AI Imaging Analysis “SMARK®”]

※AI automatically detects cracks and cracks in the photos and videos on the right, as shown in the photos on the left, and displays an analysis report.

[3D mapping system for autonomous drone flight with SLAM]

※Using drone photography and SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) technology, 3D mapping of indoor and other structures is created. This makes it possible for drones to fly autonomously even when not using GPS.

[Seeding Drone]

※Ability to fly autonomously along a predetermined route to spray agricultural chemicals and seeds.

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