FAI, JMA and ALI agreed to cooperate for holding the “FAI Drone Racing World Cup 2020” in Japan

6.18.2018 – Aerial Lab Industries Inc.(Abbr. A.L.I., Main office: Minato-ku, Tokyo. President: Shuhei Komatsu)held a meeting with FAI (World Air Sports Federation), an organization that governs Sky Sports International tournaments, for holding the Drone Racing World Cup 2020 in Japan.
Bruno Delor, the chairman of Drone Racing held by FAI and CIAM (FAI Aeromodelling Commission) and Shuhei Komatsu, the CEO of Aerial Lab Industries Inc. and Kiyokazu Sugaki from JMA (Japan Model Aeronautic Federation) were gathered for the meeting, and they discussed about the current status and the future of Drone Racing. They further discussed about the purpose and effects of holding the Drone Racing World Cup managed by FAI in Japan.

At this meeting, Komatsu will collaborate with several companies to organize an active drone racing tournament and agreed to cooperate with Bruno Delor to hold the FAI Drone Racing World Cup 2020 in Japan.

We aim for the regulations and safety requirements of the Japan’s Drone Racing World Cup to meet FAI’s international standards by cooperating with Sugaki from JMA, a member organization of FAI in Japan.

Shuhei Komatsu, Bruno Delor, and Kiyokazu Sugaki at the Meeting held at Aero Club De France

FAI Drone Racing
FAI decided to hold a done competition in October 2015, led by Mr. Bruno Delor, and the guidance and organization by the FAI began in 2016. The FAI-certified tournament is called the World Cup, and 9 tournaments in 2016 (230 participants), 16 tournaments in 2017 (430 participants) were held, and 25 tournaments in 2018 (630 participants expected) are to be held worldwide. To be qualified as FAI certified tournament, FAI requires participants to have FAI Sporting License or Drone Permissions issued by member clubs. Furthermore, the first World Championship will be held in Shenzhen, China in November 2018

Delor referred to FAI’s concept of holding a World Cup with a new system in 2019 during the meeting. Komatsu and Tochigi agreed to work with FAI to hold FAI’s new Drone Racing World Cup 2020 in 2020.

The details of the participants at the meeting are as follows.
Bruno Delor
the Chairman of:
-The International Aviation Federation (FAI), which manages the records as an international organization of Sky Sports
-International Modeling Alliance (CAIM) Drone Racing
-FFAM (Fédération française d’aéromodélisme).

Shuhei Komatsu
CEO of Aerial Lab Industries (A.L.I.), a Company specializes in research and development of the latest technologies such as drone, computing machines, blockchain and hoverbikes.

Kiyokazu Sugaki
He holds an important position in the Japan Model Airlines Federation, the only FAI member organization (NAC) in Japan. He is a member of FAI CIAM Drone Racing and a pillar in Japanese aviation competitions.

Company Profile of Aerial Lab Industries Inc.
Main Office: 3-10-23, Motoazabu, Minato ward, Tokyo
Company founded: October 2016
Business Fields:
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV)
Computing machine
Research and development of manned aircraft
Development and operation of blockchain
Technology consulting for business and industry



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