Keisuke Honda’s private fund, KSK Angel Fund, acquires shares of the company

Tokyo, 03/22/2018. Aerial Lab Industries Inc. (Headquarters: Tokyo, Minato ward, President: Shuhei Komatsu, hereby referred to as ALI). Through his private fund “KSK Angel Fund,” professional soccer player, Keisuke Honda (of Pachuca Football Club), has acquired shares in ALI Additionally, Mr. Honda has assumed the position of “special visionary KSK” (creative executive).

In addition to developing various drone-based business solutions, ALI also provides research and development regarding blockchain technology and technical consultation related to them.

Mr. Honda has been investing predominately in programming education through the KSK Angel fund. From now, however, he will focus on the potential of drone technology, leading to the acquisition of our company shares. In addition, we will receive business advice and support from Mr. Honda, who will take office as Special Visionary KSK.

Regarding the acquisition of the company’s shares, and the assumption of the Special Visionary KSK, Mr. Honda stated:

“The reasons why I decided to acquire ALI’s shares are that the company consists of amazing team, and I emphasize with ALI’s business development. We share the company’s vision to improve the world through drone technology.

There are three major problems to be solved by drones;
First, there are many unpaved roads in developing countries such as Cambodia and Uganda, both of which hold football clubs I am involved with, so we will solve the logistical problems with drone-based solutions. Second is to provide internet connections to people in developing countries to improve the level of education through the provision of correct information. Third, is to build a safer society by using drone surveillance system. There are various uses for drones, but the technology surrounding the drone is dramatically improving year by year, so we can look forward to further development in the future.”

ALI will continue to develop innovative businesses through the latest technologies such as drones and blockchain

Company Profile of Aerial Lab Technologies Inc.
Main Offices: Tokyo, Minato ward, Motoazabu, 3-1-8 Shiba-Koen Annex, 6F
Established: October 2016
Business Fields:
Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)
Computing machine
Research and development of manned aircraft
Development and operation of blockchain
Technology consulting for business and industry



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