2018/12/28 News
Notice of Company Name Change
2018/12/18 Press Release
Construction of an Intellectual Property Portfolio
2018/11/29 News
Forbes JAPAN votes Komatsu in the Top 20 of Japan’s Entrepreneurial Ranking
2018/10/05 Press Release
Notice of Drone Department Co., Ltd. Becoming a Subsidiary
2018/09/13 Press Release
Support for Keisuke Honda’s Introduction of Drone Tests to Strengthen Cambodia’s National Team
2018/08/07 News
Establishment of the Subsidiary Company
2018/07/18 News
Professional Soccer Player Keisuke Honda Visited to Our Office
2018/07/11 News
Change of Directors
2018/07/02 News
Change of Directors
2018/06/18 Press Release
FAI, JMA and ALI agreed to cooperate for holding the “FAI Drone Racing World Cup 2020” in Japan
2018/06/08 Media
Komatsu, Our CEO Appeared on NTV’s Net News Program, “the SOCIAL”
2018/05/21 Press Release
Capital and Business Alliance with Nagoya Railroad
2018/05/21 Press Release
Notice of Capital Increase through Third-Party Share Issuance
2018/04/02 Press Release
[Update] Pending Patent Application List
2018/03/22 Press Release
Keisuke Honda’s private fund, KSK Angel Fund, acquires shares of the company
2018/03/01 Press Release
Taking Charge of Conducting Technical Feasibility Study for the Drone Highway Concept
2018/02/28 Press Release
Allocation of Shares to 3rd Party, Liberaware
2018/02/28 Press Release
Development of P2P Power Transaction System Utilizing Blockchain Technology
2018/02/14 News
Notice of Head Office Relocation
2018/02/14 Press Release
Development of Small Drone, Aeris (provisional name), for Following Objects


Growth requires change. A.L.I., as an expanding organization, is constantly changing.
We are constantly searching for a workplace that maximizes the potential of our employees,
regardless of age, nationality, or gender.

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