Aerial Lab Conducts a Technical Feasibility Study for Creating a Drone Society

Tokyo, 12.7.2017 – Aerial Lab, Inc. has started conducting a technical feasibility study on safe flight support for constructing drone infrastructure for the purpose of creating a drone society.
With the existing aerial photography and pesticide dispersion have already been put into practical use, and the realization of long-distance flight and autonomous flight in urban areas along with the advancement of drone functions and the establishment of the laws, the domestic drone business is expected to grow and cover various fields such as logistics, disaster response and security.
We aim to establish a technology system that enables us to use the drone related infrastructure safely with such approach.
*The contents of the press release are information at the time of the announcement. It may be changed without notice.

Aerial Lab, Inc. Company Profile
Main Office: 3-10-23, Motoazabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Establishment: October, 2016
Business Areas: Research and development of UAV, computing machine and manned aerial vehicle.
Development and operation of blockchain
Consulting service for technology business




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