Our Senior Creative Director, Asakawa will take a stage at the TED x UTokyo 2017 see・saw Conference

Our senior creative director, Asakawa will give a presentation at the event, TED x UTokyo 2017 see・saw on July 16th, 2017. Asakawa is a development project leader of the small water engine equipped in the small deep space probe, “EQUULEUS” that will be launched in 2019. He will give a presentation about our development project and future possibilities of outer space utilization.

About TED x UTokyo (*Referenced from TED x UTokyo website)
TED is Ted is a non-profit organization that organizes global presentation events for professionals in a variety of fields, including technology, entertainment and design.

TED x UTokyo is Japan’s first collaborative event between a university and TED, and since 2012 it has been held to spread “intelligence”, which is the role that the university plays in our society.

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TEDxUTokyo 2017 see・saw


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