The CEO, Komatsu made a presentation at the Drone Fund establishment press conference

Tokyo, 5.30.2017 – Drone Fund held Japan’s first press conference led by Mr. Kotaro Chiba, a well-known investor, to announce their establishment, and our Company was selected as one of their 10 affiliated companies. Our CEO, Komatsu gave a speech and introduced the concept of hoverbike and its flight images. We exhibited hoverbike prototypes at the venue and attracted the attention of reporters.

We will cooperate with Drone Fund and other investors to reinforce our technology development for the commercialization of the hoverbike, and further strengthen our joint research and development with the companies that deals with industrial drones.

About Drone Fund(*Referenced from Drone Fund Press Released)

Drone Fund is established to help develop start-up companies that can compete in the global market as the drone market is rapidly expanding.

Kotaro Chiba who is familiar with drone business and business management, organized an expert team, “Team Japan drone” that is not only for affiliating with the investment destinations that deal from hardware to software, but also for promoting open innovation with large companies and fostering drone companies in Japan which can compete in the global market.

Press Conference announcing the Drone Establishment

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