Cloud Rendering Service Bullet Render Farm launched on September 1st

A.L.I. Technologies Inc.(Main office:Tokyo, Minato-ku、CEO:Daisuke Katano)will launch the cloud-based computer graphics (CG) rendering service, Bullet Render Farm, ( ) that will perform rendering processing at high speed using their proprietary autonomous distributed algorithm. The service is due for release on Sunday, September 1st, 2019.

Bullet Render Farm is characterized by the fact that it can operate efficiently without limitation on the number of GPUs by using an automated distributed algorithm, unlike a conventional render farm with a limited number of connections. As a rendering farm, it is operated with the world’s largest rendering-dedicated GPU farm, enabling high speed rendering processing. Currently, the GPU farm is securely operated in Japan.

Bullet Render Farm’s service is to render uploaded files that have already been set for rendering. This consists of three simple steps.
(1) Sample rendering (frame can be specified by the user)
(2) Estimated time and price is presented to the user
(3) Confirmation and high-speed rendering on the cloud

After the sample frame has been presented, the estimated time and price can then be confirmed by the
user. While the file is being rendered, the user can check the progress frame-by-frame in real time.

We will continue to streamline the CG animation industry, maximize time used for creativity, and reduce the burden of maintaining high-performance machines by drastically reducing the time needed for rendering for CG animation and architectural visualization.
There are two types of payment plans; a pay-as-you-go system that shares GPU pool and a fixed monthly fee system that uses a certain number of GPUs privately. The pay-as-you-go plan is 180 yen per hour for each GPU, and the rendering processing is performed by all the GPUs that are available at that time. The monthly plan is a fixed monthly payment that ensures dedicated GPUs. A certain amount of GPUs will be reserved for the monthly subscribers. Since the fixed monthly plan guarantees a constant speed without waiting time, it can be customized by assigning the number of GPUs according to the usage frequency of the user.

As we announced at the CG exhibition, SIGGRAPH 2019, held in Los Angeles this summer ( ), we have developed Bullet Render Farm jointly with an American semiconductor manufacture, Advanced Micro Devices (AMD). Bullet Render Farm currently supports rendering with files generated by AMD’s Radeon™ ProRender, a physics-based, high-performance rendering engine. Radeon™ ProRender distributes plug-ins that can be used in major 3D production applications for free, which supports Windows®, OS X, Linux®, and additionally, AMD GPUs, and other GPUs and CPUs not made by AMD.

◆ Bullet Render Farm
Corresponding filetype:Radeon™ ProRender’s .rpr file
Payment plans:Pay-as-you-go plan: \180/hr/GPU, Pay-per-second: \0.05 /sec/GPU, with \30 per transaction as a separate transaction fee. Rendering is performed using all available GPUs at that time, but the fee is calculated based on the requested work regardless of the number of GPUs.
Monthly plan: Determined on an individual basis, according to user usage frequency. Zero waiting time, constant speed guaranteed.

◆ A.L.I. Technologies Inc.
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